Bass Clarinet

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So, I just got done practicing my clarinet for our Christmas Eve Service. It’s defiantly not like playing bass clarinet but it’s the closest I could get.
It felt good to play again and I wasn’t too rusty either (considering it’s been since 2001 since I’ve played anything).

Back when I was at Moody we’d practice 3 times a week as a group and then practice on our own other times during the week. The big concerts we’d do at Moody would be Missions Week, Founders’ Week, and Candlelight Carols. Along with practicing for our two tours, one during Christmas break (week long tour) and then during Spring break (2 weeks long tour) and every other year we’d go on an overseas tour (3.5 week long tour).

I loved playing. Every time I’d play I felt so close to God. I loved helping lead people in worshiping God through music. And there was just something about playing the low notes that the Bass Clarinet makes that gives me goosebumps. I just LOVED it.

I played Clarinet/bass clarinet from 1989-2001 and I miss it so much. I don’t mind playing clarinet but my passion is bass clarinet. To buy one I would need over $2000, and there are other things in our life that are more important that the money needs to go to so it feel like it’s an impossible dream to reach.

I’ve had dreams many times of traveling to churches playing my bass clarinet and worshiping God with others with the bass clarinet. It’s a big dream that I’ve had since my first year at Moody. I’m not giving up on my dream but it seem impossible to come true.