Bobby & Snow & Frostbite OH MY!!

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Ok, so at 2PM someone rang my door bell, it was our downstairs neighbor, Bobby. He kindly asked me if I could move my car so he could shovel our driveway. Now he doesn’t have to shovel out half of the driveway but he wanted to help out. I decided to take the opportunity to get to know him more, so I bundled up (no gloves and crocks on) and helped him clean everything up. (Linda came outside too to play in the snow, she never got to do that at our old place)

Bobby and I talked about a lot of things. Where our families are from, hockey (he plays), making sure his house is warm enough, computers, working for R.I.M., and life in general. It was nice to finally get to know “the guy downstairs”.

It took us an hour to clear the snow off. I can’t image how long it would have taken him if I didn’t help.

So after Linda & I came in, we changed our wet socks and pant into some nice warm clothes. I made Linda some “warm” hot chocolate and I had hot hot chocolate to warm up. As I was sitting here I noticed my pinky on my left hand was burning. I looked down and some of my skin has rubbed off and it’s all red and puffy. I think it’s frostbite. YIKES!!!

Anyway, nothing to watch on TV tonight, which is fine. I will just relax. Hoping our proofs for our family photos will come tonight but she did say it could be 2 days before she gets them to us.