The Calm before the Storm

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Not really a storm but crazy busy weekend coming up. Maggie has her 6 month appointment on Monday. Chris’ parents get here Dec 23rd then Dec 24th we have our Christmas Eve Service. I’m playing Clarinet for it. Then all of Chris’ family is here for Christmas day. And Sunday Chris is on Nursery Duty. Monday Dec 28th, we are at Chris’ Grandma’s house for another family thing. So much going on in a few days and I LOVE it.

Been cleaning all weekend to get the house ready for all the guests. Also been dealing with Maggie who has a bad rash, it makes her itch really badly and last night she was throwing up. Hoping her doctor will be able to help us with it. I feel bad for her.

We got all our family photos printed that we need. Looks so nice to have up-to-date photos of the family. I love photos. We also loved one photo enough we are making it into a poster. See above photo.

Well, I’ll update tomorrow after Maggie sees the Doctor.