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Ok, so we bought a set of gdiapers from a lady on kijiji for only $10. 4 Size small gdipaers outer shells, 7 inner liners, and 10 disposable pads. The disposables should last us two days for now. The lady told me she loved these diapers over any cloth diapers she has tried, even Bare Bottom Services. She was only selling them because they were done having kids and her daughter has moved on to size medium. She told me the 4 outer shells lasted her the week and the 7 inner liners worked for the week too, at the end of the week she throws it all in the laundry and start another week. She sold them cheap because she was hoping someone would buy them, try them and like them enough to start using them. Well her plan worked.

You can either flush, compost or throw out the disposables and the gdiapers site clams they will biodegrade in 50 days. There are only 3 sizes you will need to buy, however I think we’ll only need up to size medium before Maggie will be potty training, but we’ll see.

The size smalls work for Maggie right now but she’s already almost too big for them. Hopefully we can find a set of size medium for a really good price soon.