Holly's Birthday & Family photos

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Yesterday (Dec 12) was one of my good friend’s birthday, Holly. I’ve come to love her like a sister and was so happy to celebrate with her today. She had a party at Eastside’s today and then came over to hang out. Linda also made Holly a card that I’m proud of, Linda wrote “Holly” & “Linda” all by herself and decorated the card too. Then we took Linda to the store and she picked out a present. Linda loves Holly so much. I don’t know what we would do without her in our life. I love birthdays because they celebrate the day God gave the world you and I’m thankful God gave us Holly. She is a very special women.

We got our family photo proofs today from TenEleven Photography. I am VERY happy with them. So amazing. I can’t wait to order prints, ect… I highly recommend her, she worked well with us and I was so please even after our session on Wednesday on how the whole thing went. Below is a copy of one of our family photos.

Other stuff that happened today. We official are a gdiaper family, we found a store that sold them at a fair price and now are environmentally friendly. Very happy about that. We also bought Linda a really cool pink booster Chair for the car and moved Maggie into Linda’s old carseat. Sniff. they are growing up so fast. We also discovered a mouse in our basement, YIKES, he NEEDS to go.

Saturday was a crazy busy but awesome day.