Love Thy Children

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“Love doesn’t yell at the kids to get out of the way, but is thankful they are there to be in the way.”

Not sure who that quote is from but I saw it on a friend’s Facebook. And this made me think.

As some of you know a friend of mine from college lost her 10 month old son in October to an illness he fought his whole life. When he was alive his parents LOVED him more then anything, they would do anything for him to make him comfortable, they tried spending as much time with him as they could. And I know they would give ANYTHING to have him back.

With all that said the first quote made me think. I should be glad to have children who can drive me nuts some times. Thankful I have a baby who keeps me up at night… Because there are parents out there who have lost their children and there are married couples who would love to have children but can’t/are having problems.

I remember the feeling of wanting a child so bad and thought we couldn’t have one (tired for 5 years). The longing, the heart break when others were around their kids. I even remember thinking to myself that I would LOVE my children more then anything in the world if I could be blessed with children.

Oh how those feeling fade once you have your children. They wanting to pull your hair out, they frustrations to the point you feel like giving up. I think sometimes we take our kids for granted. When we should be glad we have our children, that we can see them, hold them, love them like no other.

Please love your children, please remember that life is short and spend as much quality time as you can with them.

Thank you Lord for Linda & Maggie.
I love you Linda & Maggie. Mommy loves you so very much.