Oh what a Night

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So we got our family photos done. I think they went really really well. I got to see some of what she was capturing and I’m so excited. In 1-2 days we’ll get our proofs, then we’ll get our dvd. I’m very happy to have this done before the Holidays.

We then went and picked up a full set of size small gdiapers for $10 from someone on kijiji. I think we’re going to LOVE them, now time to find more refills and find a place that sells size Medium of gdiapers for Maggie’s next size.

So, I’m sad about SYTYCD, my top favs are out now. I’m not even sure who I want to win now. I guess for a girl Kathryn or a boy Russell. I think it’s so unfair that Ashleigh moved on when she didn’t dance last night.

Now for Glee. Glad that Quinn’s lie has been found out and that Finn can move on. Maybe we can have Rachel & Finn together, yes I’m a fan of that couple. LOVED Rachel’s performance for “Rain on my Parade”, had gooses bumps. And the group number, rockin’ awesome. So glad they won too. Just wish Will & Emma would get together (but that kiss, woohoo). And she can’t leave the school. I hate that the season is over now we wait til April for the new one. But it looks like we can buy the first season on DVD Dec 29th. I want to get it.

Very fun filled packed night and it’s not over yet. <3