Overview of 2009

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So wow, 2009 was a hard/weird/long/amazing year all in one and more.

Jan 1st, 2009 Brought to the hospital with bleeding, thinking I was loosing our baby. I was told my placenta was low and that I needed to stay off my feet as much as possible.

Jan 11th, 2009 My 31st birthday and anniversary celebration at our church. Even though I was to stay in bed as much as possible I had to go celebrate.

Jan 16th, 2009 Visiting at a friend’s house when I started to bleed a lot again. Went back to the hospital and was put on full bed rest. Doctor said, “bed, bathroom, back to bed” was all I could do. We had to scramble to find out what to do about Lee Lee and how to make sure I was taken care of too while Chris was at work.

Thanks to many friends we were able to make it all work. We had many people volunteer to watch Lee Lee and to make sure I had lunch and what ever else was needed so i could stay in bed. We had many kind people provide meals so Chris didn’t have to do that when he got home. And I had many kind cards and phone calls (thank you to Sylvia who I had never met but made a point to call me once a week and send many cards of encouragement, a true definition of “loving deeply”)

March 2009 At the end of March I was rushed to the hospital with VERY BAD PAIN. I thought I was in labor. After some tests found out baby was doing ok but I had kidney stones. Wow, those HURT. Also found out that my placenta had moved up and that I could go back to bed rest when possible. Meaning I didn’t have to stay in bed all the time. However I had to stay in the hospital for 3 days.

April 7, 2009 Lee Lee turns 3. I can’t believe my “baby” turned 3 it seemed like yesterday she was born. I love her so much. I also knew then she’d be an amazing big sister. She loved talking to the baby in my tummy and HAD to say good night to it every night.

May 2009 Another very bad kidney Stone attack. This time leaving my in the hospital for a week.

June 15, 2009 I started going into labor. It was a week before I was scheduled for a c-section. When I got to the hospital they said they would have to do a c-section that night. At 2:01AM June, 16th Moo was born. She was 3 weeks early and was having problems staying awake long enough to eat. In 24 hours she lost over a pound and we had to stay in the hospital 5 days. It took her awhile to gain weight, we even had to start pumping my milk to make sure she was getting enough.

July 2009 Moo started being colic, one night stayed up 24 hours screaming. Thanks to some friends they came over and held her while I slept.

August 2009 Chris, Lee lee, Moo & I traveled to Manitoulin Island to visit Chris’ family. That was a lot of fun and relaxing, even got closer to Chris’ mom.

August- Moo also developed an eye infection and needed to be put on some drops.

At the end of August we started looking for a new home. We needed more space, a yard to play in, a safer neighborhood and to be closer to Chris’ work. Within the first two weeks of looking we found our dream home. (still a rental but so perfect). We gave our notice to our old landlords and planned on moving onto our new place Oct 1st.

Sept 21st- Moo started having problems breathing. A few months ago we started thinking our place had mold and that we were all getting sick from it. A week before the major breathing problems all of us started getting really sick, Lee lee had nose bleeds and violent diarrhea, Moo was having breathing issues and green poop, and Chris and I both had massive headaches. Chris would feel better being at work but us girls were stuck in the house we now call the “sick house”. I called our doctor and he said it could be mold that is causing all this. I immediately left the house and asked Chris to call our new landlords and see if we could move in early. He also called his brother to see if we could spend the night, I refused to let the girls back into that house.
We spent the night at Chris’ brother’s house and our new landlord so kindly let us move in Sept 22nd!!!
We tried our best to get our old landlords to fix the mold problem but no one in the City or LLTB would help us. We know 100% there was mold in the walls because when the landlord opened the wall to replace the drywall we saw it, even have photos of it. But being the slumlords they are they won’t fix it.

Sept 22 we move in the girls’ beds and our food. Luckily we had almost everything packed at our old house making it easier to fully move in Sept 26.

Sept 26 all of our stuff is moved in. We had 6 men(our friends) helping us move in. The only thing that didn’t get moved in was our cats.

Sept 27 we move our cats in. However when we moved them in we found out that Moo has an allergy to them.

I should also mention that within 2 days on moving in to our new house we all got better and after a week we were 100%.

We had to search for new homes for our kitties. I was so sad about this as they are my babies. We found a new home for Smokey with a friend from church. And had thought we had found a new home for Tigger from someone who saw our ad on kijiji. However they returned him because he was a “bad cat”. Whatever, he’s a sweetheart and they must not have known how to take care of cats. SO the search began again for Tigger and Anais to find new homes. My parents were heart broken for them and drove all the way from Iowa Thanksgiving weekend (Oct 2009) to come get them.

Oct 10, 2009 We hosted our first family event. Thanksgiving with Nathan, Andrea, & E, Joel & Gina, and My mom & dad. It was so nice to get to finally host something, we have so much more space now to do those kinds of things.

End of Oct, One of our friends little baby passed away. And one week later another friend lost one of her twins in delivery. For some reason both deaths really hit me hard and I still cry about them a lot. Lee lee even asks to still pray for Silas’ mommy & daddy to feel happy again.

Another thing that went on is that our old landlord was trying to get into our old place to “get ready for the new tenant”, however they were not allowed to do that because we were still paying rent til Oct 31st and if they wanted in they needed to give us some of our money back. We fought with them til the end and they still won because we had no time or energy to deal with them anymore. Between the mold and the rent issue I would officially call them slum lords.

Nov 4th. This date has two things to celebrate. It’s my one year anniversary of becoming Canadian. AND Lee Lee asked Jesus into her heart. She was asking about whether or not she’d see Silas in Heaven and that opened up a conversation about Heaven & Hell and Jesus. She totally understood and asked to pray.

End of Nov we got our first family photos done with Moo, this was also Moo’s 6 month photos. They turned out AMAZING and we are so happy with what we got. Thank you TenEleven Photography.

Dec 4th my best friend Melissa had a baby girl named H, I love her so much. (speaking of births I’ll give you a count later of how many of my friends had babies this year at the end)

The end of December you can read in my blog below. And I think I’ve covered most of the major things in our life from 2009.

Ok so number of babies born out of my friends’ list on facebook are 27!!!! Craziness, eh? 2010 has many more babies coming too. At least 5 friends so far and I know there will be more.

As much as I hated parts of this year, I feel blessed this year too. We have Moo in our life now, we are living in an amazing home, we are all healthier now. I pray 2010 will be a rockin’ awesome year.

God Bless.