The Sing-Off

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Ok, so tonight NBC premiered a show called “Sing-off” No background music, ALL voices.

Opening number was fun, all 8 groups sang together, really cool sounding. Here’s my review of each group so far.

Beelzebubs- Loved their performance tonight. Yes, they were a bit pitchy but so very entertaining. If you can sing but can’t entertain no one wants to watch you. They make me want to see more. Plus hey, they sang the Beatles. <3 Maxx Factor- Please no more!!! I’m sorry but they made me want to put the tv on mute. Maybe they picked the wrong song or something but I just couldn’t stand how they sang “Dancing Queen” Voices of Lee- Pretty good. Not overly excited for them but they deserve to keep going on the show. The song they sang (Unwritten) usually gets me pumped when it comes to the chorus but I kind of felt blah with it. BYU Noteworthy- Not to thrilled with them either. The high note made my ears bleed. I’m actually upset they moved on. Face- Loved these guys. They weren’t strong in their singing but sounded great. And were fun to “rock out” to B.J. song. The SoCals- WOW, nice harmonies, really great lead singer. “Somebody to Love” perfect song for them to pick. Solo- So sorry but they can’t sing together. So off from each other. Can they even hear each other? No one was singing on the right pitch with each other. Not sure what the audience were smoking (seemed to love them), but they were awful. The old ladies were more enjoyable. Nota- Missed their performance but looked them up on youtube and they are awesome!!! Look forward to hearing them tomorrow
So not happy Face got kicked off, either BYU Noteworthy or Voices of Lee should have been out in that round.
I’m ok with the results of the last round neither group I liked and both made me want to turn my tv off.
I know most of my friends hate her but I <3 Nicole Scherzinger. I've been a fan of her's since 2001 when she auditioned for the WB's Popstars and made it into Eden's Crush. Not a huge fan of PCD but because of Nicole I listen to them. So, I'm excited to see her on this show.