What do I want for Christmas?

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Ok, so even though these are things I’d LOVE for Christmas, I know that it’s not possible, just fun to dream sometimes.

1- A new Van that is safe and reliable
2- Nice SLR Digital Camera
3- new netbook
4- bass clarinet
5- Photography studio stuff (lights, background, space)
6- to be debt free
7- to own a house like the one we’re renting.
8- To have Mikey Bustos sing to me on my birthday (Jan 11th)I know it’s a birthday wish, but hey they are so close. If he wants he can sing to me at Christmas too. LOL
9- Beatles Box Set
10- A new mop, LOL Prefer a Norwex one. And I know a silly thing to want for Christmas but I need one.

so that’s my top ten things in no particular order.

of course I always wish for good health for my family, peace on Earth…