What a Week!!!

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Well, so I survived Christmas week.

Monday, Dec 21st Maggie had her 6 month appointment. Doctor says she’s doing very well. She’s 16lbs 12 oz and 27 inches long. He doesn’t know why she keeps getting a bad rash and told us to give her benadryl (don’t really like giving her it but she needs relief).

Wednesday, Dec 23rd- Chris’ family arrives. Everyone was here and we ordered pizza and played games.

Thursday, Dec 24- More family time at our house. Then got ready for Christmas Eve Service. I got ready to play my clarinet. I loved playing again. I really truly missed it. I wasn’t even nervous playing. I hope I can play more often.

Friday, Dec 25- Linda came downstairs to see that Santa ate all but half a cookie and then found her presents. Linda & Maggie got a lot of presents from our friends and family. As much as we don’t want them spoiled it’s so nice to see how loved they are. We thank you all for your kind gifts, very sweet.

After morning opening gifts, the rest of Chris’ family came over again for games, presents and Christmas Dinner. A lot more fun happening.

Saturday, Dec 26- Chris’ Sister & Brother-in-law went home and the rest of us went over to Nathan & Andrea’s for dinner & games.

Sunday- Church then back to N & A’s for more games & food.

Monday- Spent the day spending gift cars & Christmas money. Then went over to Chris’ Grandma’s house for Toman Family Christmas. With more games and more food.
We all had lots of fun this week and a lot of food. I will regret the food later but for now I’ll just remember the fun. Chris went back to work today and for tomorrow then has a 4 day weekend. Love spending time with him.
Oh, today we brought our van in to be looked at and it’s going to cost us A LOT to get fixed, we really wish we could afford to get a new van. For now we got a quick fix done on it so we can use it, but will need a new van very very soon. SIGH.