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So my computer officially bit the dust a few weeks ago and Chris’ computer bit the dust a few days ago. Chris had been saving up money to buy me a new laptop and he just finished a project and was able to buy us both “new” computers (re-furbished).

So let’s see, Chris and I went on a date for the first time in a long time on Thursday, Jan 14th. That was an adventure. Holly come over to watch the girls. As I was backing out of the driveway I hit our house and loosened our head light. I picked up Chris and we went out to eat at Kelsey’s. We had a $5o gift card and a $25 gift card there, so Chris ordered the big steak and I ordered lobster/crab linguine. They messed up my order and I have to wait an extra 10 min for it and they didn’t even do anything to make up for it but oh well, we still had fun. It was nice to eat slowly and talk without being interrupted by kids.

On our way out I joked about what could go wrong at the movie theater. When we got there (going to watch Avatar in 3D) we were there right when it was going to start but the lady selling us the tickets said the movie hadn’t started and we had time to get in there. When we got in there the place was PACKED only seats left were front row and I was NOT about to watch a 3D movie in the front row, I’d puke. So we went to change times, at first the lady was having trouble changing the tickets but it finally worked out.

Oh did I mention we had a $25 gift card to the movies plus 2 free movie passes? Pretty sweet, the whole night didn’t cost us a dime. I even found a toonie waiting in line for the movies.
Anther adventure to write about it about last night. We went to our friend Julie’s (H) house to celebrate her birthday. We decided to watch a movie and went downstairs, but there were more of us then chairs so some people started moving a couch thing and knocked over a speaker. I saw it falling and thought I moved out of the way but the next ting I know my head is hurting so bad that I wanted to swear. Evidently A clay statue about 5-10lbs landed on my head and I broke it. I must have blacked out for a few seconds because I didn’t know I was hit, my head just started hurting. About 30 minutes later I went upstairs to throw-up. And let me tell you my HEAD HURT!!!!!!!! We got home, i took some pain meds and went to bed. Waking up I was in so much pain, threw up again. The pain was so bad my shoulder even hurt. But we went to church anyway. Friends at church found out what happened and told me I HAD to go to the ER, to not mess with a head injury. So I went and spend 5.5 hours there, even had a CT Scan done. The doctor said I have a nasty bruise on my head and that I was hit good and hard. I have a concussion and can’t work out for 3-4 days because she doesn’t want my blood pressure to go up.
Speaking of working our. Chris and I have started a 30 fitness challenge for the Wii Active. I’m loving it I feel muscles I never knew I had, LOL. We are also really focusing on eating healthier. I feel more energetic but have only lost 1lb in a week. I hope to see more results soon. The only thing that sucks is I can’t workout for 3-4 days which might set me back a bit. We’ll see.
So that’s it for now. Sorry for the long update. So much going on with no computer access makes for long updates later or for me missing something to write.