No Drama

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So, even though this is mostly likely an impossible goal to live out fully. I am going to try. 2010 Life without Drama or negativity.

I want to myself not cause drama or bring life down/ others down.

Eph 4:29 “Do not let unwholesome talk come from your mouth but only what is helpful for bringing people up according to their needs…”.

I also want to try to avoid those who are negative, bring people down, and/or like to cause drama. This doesn’t mean cutting them fully from my life but does mean distancing myself from them and praying for them.

I know we all have hard times in our lives and I’ve not totally meaning that as drama, I’m meaning those who like to cause trouble, make life miserable because they themselves are miserable. People who rather share their negative thoughts rather then keep them to themselves.

It’s a hard goal and I know I will slip every once in a while but I’m going to make a HUGE effort to be more positive in life. I don’t want to bring others down or make others miserable with me.

In the words of and Eden’s Crush song:

I was sittin at home just so
wondering why I let people make me so crazy
then realized it’s my fault by being around
Cuz I don’t have to know them and they don’t have
to know me

Everytime I see you giving me bad news
I’m a let you know that you gotta go
If one day you call me and you dog me
I’m a gonna let you know that you gotta go
If it’s something that we talked about that you
go run you mouth about
I’m gonna let you know
If you always bring me down then you gotta go,

I wanna, no I gonna
live life with no drama
I wanna be, happy
live life stress free
so I, so I’m gonna live life with no drama
not gone let this world get the best of me
best of me, best of me

There were people in my life I thought were cool,
not true
cuz it seem like they just wanted me to lose,
they had issues
then I realized they only hold me down if I allow
them to
so to be happy I cut them lose if that’s what I
have to do

I just want positive people in my life
Not negative energy hater types
Don’t wanna see the type that just might try and
steal my sunshine

I just wanna keep enjoying life and not let the
good times pass me by
I’m gone try to live my life with no drama no