More "good vibes"

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So this will be short, I think.
Yesterday was another day of goodness that has been coming our way.
First was our downstairs neighbor from the other side. She is an elderly women who we have been shoveling her sidewalks for this summer. She knocked on our door to let me know that she is moving and wants to give us her 1 year old lawn mower!!! What an answer to prayers, we were going to have to buy one in a month or two, now we don’t. She was so sweet to. She wished a happy and prosperous life. AWWWW

Second was a few weeks ago we wrote EA Active letting them know our resistance band was falling apart. They asked us for a photo of the damage and then informed us that they will send a replacement. Well the replacement came yesterday and along with it was another leg strap. We were going to look into getting another leg strap so Chris & I could work out together now we don’t have too.

So sweet. Such a change from last year for us. <3