Once Upon A Child

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“Kids Stuff With Previous Experience”
“Gently Used Children’s and baby Clothing…”

Ok so yesterday our store in Cambridge had a “fill a bag for $10” sale. The bags aren’t huge but with a lot of rolling, squishing, and just plan luck you can fit A LOT in a bag. I went to the sale with a mission, to get Linda “new” clothes. She has grown over 2 inches since Oct 2009and she NEEDED new clothes. I bought 3 bags FULL ($30) of clothes for Linda and also got 2 outfits for Maggie along with a bathrobe on the side($.50). If we had paid what the tags OUAC said we would of had to pay $138.50, but we saved $108.50. And even though these clothes are “used” a lot of them still had their original tags on them. Another reason why I like this store is they buy only clothing in the best condition (no rips or stains). Another awesome things is most of the clothes I found were name brand like, Old Navy, Gap, Children’s Place, Sears; some with their original tags on too. Such a crazy awesome deal we found.

Please visit your local Once Upon A Child if you have one near you. Not only do they sell clothing but toys, baby furniture, even some maternity.