Using gdiapers for 2 months now

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Well, so we have officially been using gdiapers for two months now and we still love them. We bought size mediums a few days after my last gdiaper post. We have never had a problem with leaks like we did with disposables and they are supper easy to use.

If you follow the instruction video found on on how to wear the diapers you shouldn’t have leaks. Which has been nice for our daughter’s clothing, no more having to soak and try to get out stains. Also we have 4 size mediums outer shells and 8 washable liners, we wash all them just once a week. (When washing please make sure to fasten up the velcro so it doesn’t snag on other clothes and so the velcro doesn’t wear down as fast.)

Right now we’re buying the disposable liners and sometimes flush the poos and throw out the others. It’s nice knowing that they will biodegrade faster then regular disposables. Once the summer comes and we have enough saved up we will be buying a composter and will compost the pee ones, saving the environment even more.

I love the convenience of these and will not go back. The only problem we are having right now is finding the inserts and when we find them they are a bit high of a price. I guess that’s the price we pay for living in Canada but still. I do want to say that even though the price is a bit high we will never change.

I LOVE gdiapers.