Wow, what a day. Poor Maggie

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So this story starts with me wanting to cut our 8 month old, Maggie’s nails. I am breast feeding her and she has been scratching me a lot. So I decided I would cut them myself. When Maggie was 2 months old I tried cutting her nails and accidentally cut her finger and I swore then I would never cut her nails again. But needless to say I didn’t want to wait till Chris came home so he could do it.
At 4:30PM on Tuesday I started cutting I was almost done with the first hand when… “SCREAMING!!!!!!” I looked at her hand and there was blood pouring everywhere. I knew from last time that finger cuts bleed a lot so I asked my oldest to get a tissue for me. I wrapped her finger up and held pressure. I was able to get a bandaid on but I knew it wouldn’t stay on long because it was her thumb and Maggie sucks her thumb.
By bed time her thumb had stopped bleeding but the tip of the thumb was sort of blue.
Now it’s Wednesday morning. It looks a bit better and there was no blood in her bed. I put Maggie in her highchair so I could make her breakfast. After awhile she started screaming again. I looked back there was blood everywhere and when I say everywhere I mean her whole highchair was COVERED, her face was covered, it was on her jammies. I was in freak out mode. I tried calling her doctor, he wasn’t in today, so I called tele-health. I just didn’t know what to do to keep her from sucking it and making it bleed. The nurse on the phone said I should take her to the doctors because it might need stitches. So I drove to a place called “The Doctors Office”, They were closed for the day, so we ended up going to Urgent Care and waited for 2.5 hours to see a doctor.
I thought I was being silly and maybe a bit over dramatic but when the doctor came in he looked at her finger and saw it was already infected. He said it was because she keeps putting it in her mouth. So he prescribed an antibiotic cream and said to put a bandaid on it and then some kind of glove to prevent her from sucking on it and choking on the bandaid.
So, you can see the photos below of what we did for her. Also you can see a bit of the blood on her jammies.
I feel sooooooooooo bad I did this to her. She is screaming a lot in pain and it breaks my heart. She has a small fever tonight, hoping the cream will help her soon.
I learned my lesson, only Chris will cut her nails. I learned this at the expense of hurting my cut little girl, at the price of spending the day at the clinic (making Linda sit around bored) and at the price of $30 for the cream. 🙁