Enjoying a Pre-Spring Day

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Wow, today was beautiful out!!! I took both kids out to enjoy the weather before we get more snow/cold weather. It was a high of 17!!! So sweet.
Linda played with chalk, played on her swing set and just ran and ran and ran around. She was totally enjoying the nice day. We have never lived somewhere she could go out safely to play and I’m so glad we moved to our current location. I think we will be living outside all Spring/Summer.

Maggie on the other hand didn’t enjoy outside as much. I think she may have outdoor allergies. Her eyes were watery and she kept sneezing. But she wasn’t fussy. She “played” outside for about an hour then went down for a nap.

I had my own fun capturing the moments with my camera and watching Linda have soooo much fun. I hope for many more days like this one and hope that we have weekends like this, poor Chris hasn’t gotten to enjoy the outdoors because of working.
One of my photos I had fun with.