Linda- Kid of the Year!

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My 3 almost 4 year old daughter should be the kid of the year!!! Her name is Linda and she became a big sister last June after having mommy on bed rest for 6 months. Instead of being jealous and hating on her baby sister she has become her baby sister’s best friend. If Maggie (the baby) needs a diaper change Linda is right there handing me a wipe and a diaper. When Maggie is eating, Linda is right there encouraging her to try new things and to “concentrate” on mommy. If her baby sister is crying Linda is right there to sing a song, give her hugs and say sweet things to her. Anytime Linda walks into the room the Maggie smiles and laughs. Linda also is a big helper to her mommy & daddy. Every night before its bed time she cleans up her toys and even sometimes cleans up her baby sisters toys. Linda loves to help put away laundry and “help” wash dishes. She also loves to read and learn new things and can already read simple words which makes mommy so proud. She even is great at brushing her teeth and didn’t have any cavities at her recent dentist appointment.
Linda is also a silly kid and loves to make others laugh. If you’re having a down day you can count on her to make you smile. She loves to give hugs to her family and friends. You always feel loved around her.
I love you Linda <3