Maggie's 9 Month appontment

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Maggie’s 9 month appointment today. She is 28.5 inches and 18.25lbs.

Doctor is concerned about her development, and may have to do some tests at her 1 year. She’s not crawling as well as he would hope and not sitting well and not holding her weight on her legs very well. Makes me sad, I’ve tried hard to make sure she is ok and getting strong and I have been stressing over her since she was born to be ok. He also said if he didn’t know her daddy and that she looks like her daddy he would be concerned about her larger forehead and the space between her eyes and the size of her soft spot. So we’ll see.

Also says she is eating too much “orange” foods and needs more greens, she is looking orange. So more peas it is. 🙂