My new Mommy Necklace

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My Mommy Necklace came this week!!! You don’t know how excited I was when I saw it in the mail. I opened my package right away and was nicely surprised by the packaging, it looked very professional and could easily be sold in stores.

I took my beautiful necklace out of the package and immediately fell in love with the design. It’s made with a very tough “string” and high quality beads. The colors happen to match my favorite shirt. A shirt I planned then to wear on Sunday to church. I’ll post a photo later.
I love that it’s made to look beautiful yet safe for your baby. Although you it’s not a teething toy I have let Maggie “gum” it a bit but ONLY when I’m around. Below will be another photo of Maggie holding the necklace but she doesn’t have it in her mouth it’s her thumb.

Since I’ve gotten my Mommy Necklace (MN), I haven’t missed a day of wearing it. The first time I put it on and held Maggie it was like she knew it was for. I haven’t had hair pulling, pinching, scratching or slapping since I stated wearing. I can’t wait to buy more.

If you are interested in buying one please contact me via to found out about a first time buyers discount.
This has been a great week for me despite putting my back out. Again thank you to “Cute as a Bug Boutique” and “Mommy Necklaces”

Girls clothing from “Cute as a Bug Boutique”
My necklace from “Mommy Necklaces”