Country Moose Kids

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*I’m a bit behind on my blogs so I hope to update once a day for the next week to catch up*

I first want to say that this is our personal experience and does not mean this will happen to everyone.

On February 26, 2010 we decided to order gcloth to fit into our gdaipers rather then continue buying g-inserts every week($21.00/week). However buying from the gdiapers site would cost too much in shipping ($60). Upon reading a recommendation from the gdiapers people on their Facebook site to Country Moose Kids & their free shipping, we made an order for 4 packs of 6 gcloths each.

A few days after placing our order we had not heard from CMK about the status of our order so Chris emailed them. After two days of not hearing back we called and were informed that the gcloth were on back order and should be in sometime next week. So we waited another week and called again. AGAIN we get the same line, “on back order and should be coming next week”. Waited another week and Chris emailed them, no response so I called, same line again and we asked, “when will next week come? You say this every time we call.” Thier reply was, “gdiapers is slow this time sending us our shipments, we haven’t even gotten our tracking number from an order we made weeks ago. We were expecting one shipment from gdiapers on Friday but that didn’t come. You are on a waiting list to get your gcloth and might be another month before we can get them to you.”

WHAT!!! You got to be kidding me right? So I emailed gdiapers about what was said and this was their response:
“Yikes, Erica. Thank you for letting us know of your experience with country moose kids. Sadly, we’ve heard similar reports from other customers. Rest assured, the only reason they would be waiting on product from us is because they’re not managing their inventory well and waiting to put in their orders. Our boutique manager has told them often of our 2 week turnaround time inbetween wholesale orders, so I’m hopeful that country moose kids will catch on soon :0) We love that they offer an affordable shipping option to our Canada customers. I hope you will share your feedback with them too.”

I was getting mad by this point. When we first ordered the gcloth we had budgeted out what we could afford taking in account the fact we wouldn’t have to buy anymore inserts (we had enough to last us 2 weeks).

On March 16th our Credit Card was finally charged meaning our order was finally going to come to us. OR so we thought. On that Friday we hadn’t gotten a tracking number so Chris emailed them, they had a shipment come in but when they got to our order they ran out. They were expecting another shipment the week of March 22. Chris replied with, “you’re kidding right? You have been making us wait for over a month now and already charged our credit card, we are going to yet again have to pay for more inserts while we wait. Is there anything you can do to compensate us for the trouble? Faster shipping? Something free?”

They responded with “We can do something. We are actually thinking of taking the gcloth off our site because we sell too much.”

Have to laugh at the “taking it off their site to sell because they sell too much” Never hear of a company want to stop selling something they sell a lot of, but whatever.

March 26th we FINALLY get a tracking number. The package was sent UPS Expedited, the type of shipping their site says they use. But we were told they shipped it faster, hmmm…
March 30th, IT’S HERE!! Late afternoon the UPS guy shows up. I open our package, all 4 packs were there but nothing else special. So the promise of making up for all the hassle they put us through was nothing.
I will NEVER order from Country Moose Kids again! And I tell you if you are thinking of it just remember our story.

Oh and the free shipping didn’t help us any. We would have saved $20 buy paying for shipping from gdiapers because we would have gotten our gcloth sooner and wouldn’t have had to buy so many more inserts while waiting. grrrrrrr…