Ecogear Backpack

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I recently won a Backpack from Ecogear from a Twitter party hosted by Baby Elan Daily.
I won a “Panda” style back pack and I chose the cream color. I was very excited to win although at the time I had hoped to win the “Gorilla” style from the party. I joined the party to win a prize and went away loving the fact I learned so much on how to live more environmentally aware. I even attended another party hosted by Baby Elan Daily last week and had so much fun.

Even though I wanted to win the “Gorilla” style I am VERY happy with the “Panda” style. It met more then what I expected. It’s very high quality and made out of all environmentally friendly material. Even the button and the key loop are made of wood (not metal). Also the “store tags” were attached with canvas string instead of plastic fasteners.

My daughter tried on the backpack and said it’s “comfy and cute”. I would agree.

Here is a little about Ecogear bags:
“Ecogear is an eco-friendly company dedicated to saving the planet one bag at a time.”

“Instead of commonly used and chemical-emitting PVC, we-ve created bags coated with EPO, a healthy alternative. Ecogear uses this patented system called Ecoweave (EPO), which creates virtually no risk to the environment or to human health. The benefits of Ecoweave include:

• Toxic-free
• PVC-free
• Chlorine-free
• No dioxin, phthalates or heavy metals
• Carries no ozone-depleting chemicals
• Clean to recycle—creates natural occurring emissions when burned
• Safe in manufacturing and consumer use “

Those two quotes in itself make me happy to be using this bag. Knowing I am keeping my kids safe and the environment cleaner is an A+ in my books. Their prices are affordable and would be awesome for school, work,and everyday activities.

Thank you Baby Elan Daily and Ecogear for this bag. We LOVE it!!!