Family Loving Deeply

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Our church has been learning about how to be a “Family Loving Deeply” and here is my experience of others loving my family deeply. I hope to be able to do my part to love deeply too.
I know I have missed some people, I tried my best to thank you all.
My Story today is about family loving deeply.
To begin this story I need to rewind to November 2, 2008, Chris and I found out we were pregnant. Things seem to be going well until January 1, 2009 when I stated bleeding. I thought I was having another miscarriage. Chris brought me to the ER and the next day we found out my placenta was lying low and that I needed to take it easy and try to stay off my feet as much as possible.
I took it easy and the bleeding had slowed down. However on January 16th we decided to go out and while out Lee Lee had fallen. My mommy instincts had me running to her and picking her up. BIG MISTAKE! I started bleeding very badly. I was back in the ER where my OB told me “full bed rest. Only bed and bathroom; bed and bathroom”.

FULL BEDREST!!!! I’m a stay-at-home mom, what are we suppose to do now? I stay at home because we can’t afford child care and the closest family was Chris’ brother and his wife.
We looked into many options, even talking with our community association to see if there was any help for us or cheap childcare that we could afford. Unfortunately Chris “made too much”.

Now I will start my story of “Family Loving Deeply”.
When my OB ordered full bed rest we had only 2 days to figure out what to do. A friend from church offered to watch Lee Lee for a week so we could have more time to work things out. She even made a meal for us that week. We offered to pay her for the week but she wouldn’t take any money from us. (Amy)

After that week we had what we thought would be a temporary plan in place:
On Mondays and Fridays we hired a Christian woman we found on Facebook who was due 2 months after me to watch Lee lee. Eventually we became very good friends. (Evelyn)

On Tuesdays Chris’ Aunt would drive from Shakespeare to Watch Linda. She even would cook a meal for us so Chris wouldn’t have to cook after a long day at work. (Aunt Wanda)

On Wednesdays a very dear friend of ours from church would look after Lee Lee. He would even take some time to visit with me so I would have some human interaction. (Matt)

On Thursdays my sister-in-law would come with her baby girl to help out. (Andrea)

On days that one of our caregivers couldn’t make it someone from church would offer to help out.

A women from our church recognized that as a women I might feel helpless about the house cleaning and offered to come over a few times to help clean. Let me tell you, she did an AMAZING job! Her first day cleaning she sat down and talked with me about bed rest and what might help. She even offered to set up meals with people in the church. WOW, my heart was so touched. (Stephanie)

Through this woman we had at least 2 meals a week provided for us so Chris wouldn’t have to cook after work and would have more time to spend with Lee Lee before she had to go to bed.

I started what I called our “Blessings” list. I wrote down all child-care, every meal and who made it, visitors, emails, cards and phone calls.

MANY people from church so kindly provided meals for us. Some even added little extras to make out meal fun or would add a little gift for Lee Lee. Our College & Careers group took a night to prepare a bunch of meals to put in our freezer.

Another woman from our church worked close to our house and lived in Kitchener. She offered to deliver meals to us from others on her way to work. (Darlene)

Through my 4 months full bed rest and my two months of “as much bed rest as possible”, I received many cards, facebook messages, phone calls, and visitors from our church. Each message, words of encouragement, and offers of love filled my heart up. I was lonely and appreciated all the love that came our way.


I had visitors that would come to talk, bring flower, an icecap, and just company. I also enjoyed my phone calls from people. There are two people that would try to call once a week. Pastor Henry would call with a Word of Scripture and a prayer.
The other person who would call to me is the very definition of “Family Loving Deeply”. I had never really met her before yet she tried calling once a week to just talk and offer a prayer. She would send me cards, and even sent a few meals. I was so touched by this person who cared so much for someone she didn’t know. I looked forward to the day I would be able to come back to church and meet her and give her a HUGE hug. I am so thankful for her. (Sylvia)

Moo decided to come a week early then planned and we were without our help and one of our friends agreed to take Lee Lee for the night and watched her all day, last minute. (Heather).

One last thing I wanted to share is about the Sunday mornings being online. After 4 weeks of missing church I was talking to Chris about how much I was missing church and the people there. I missed everything about it; the worship, the Messages, the people. He worked with Jeremy and together they were able to set up a way for people who were stuck at home or just away to be able to watch Sunday mornings online and be part of church. I’ll never forget my first day watching. I cried during worship, I cried every time I saw the people I loved and missed. I even got a shout out from my good friend Heather, which made me laugh. The whole thing was amazing. Thank you Jeremy and Chris.

For 6 months plus of 2009 I got to see “Family Loving Deeply” with an overwhelming amount. Some days I was even moved that it brought me to tears from all the love.
I know I’ll never be able to thank everyone enough for all their love or even be able to pay them back, but I hope that they know that I truly appreciate every act of kindness. It’s all written down in my “Blessings” list and I plan on keeping it forever to remind me that I am loved and all that God provided to us through this rough time. I look forward to the day I can share this list and all the stories with Moo. I hope to show her all the love that her and her family received even before she was born.