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So we started using our gCloth on April 3rd and I thought it was about time I let you know how I feel.
After having to wash & dry our gCloth we were finally ready to use them. I was told that the gCloth needed to be “prepped” to work the best because they are made of Hemp. Here’s what gDiapers says:
“For optimum softness, absorbency and sizing, wash gCloth inserts at least six (6) times in hot water without detergent before using. Expect some shrinkage in length. The extra washing is worth the effort, because gCloth inserts become softer and more absorbent the more you wash them.”
It was a pain to do this prep but we knew it was for the best results.

It’s taking a long time getting use to changing baby and rinsing out the diapers at the same time. We do have a bucket in our bathroom to put poopy gCloth in and a wet/dry bag in the baby’s room to put the pee ones in.

Over all I am glad we made the switch. It’s saving us a lot of money from buying gRefills and it’s even better for the environment by not having to flush or throw out the refills.

However I am not happy with how they fit into the diapers. They are MUCH smaller then the disposable inserts and tend to let poop get on the water proof snap-in liner, which in turn is making more work and wearing out our water proof snap-in liners faster causing us to have to buy more. As you can see in the photo below there is a big difference in sizes.

I would still recommend gDiapers to everyone. But just give the warning on the sizing of the gCloth in comparison of the gRefills