Great Wolf Lodge- Niagara

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We were given an opportunity to visit Great Wolf Lodge in the Niagara Fall area. Our family went April 1-2, a one night stay but two full days at the water park.

We got to GWL around noon on the 1st. Pulling up to the place I started to feel like a little kid again. The place looked huge, it had a huge wooden chair out front for a photo op. Then when we got inside it was even more exciting there was a huge talking tree with a Moose and a Bear welcoming you to the Lodge.

Check in was very quick and easy. We were each given arm bands that we needed to wear the whole time we were there. Our arm bands worked for opening our room door, charging food/souvenirs/other gift items, worked on the lockers in the Water park area, and got us into the water park. It was so nice not to have to carry around keys and money, especially when you are in your swimsuit most of the day.

You can start swimming at the water park at 1PM but can’t get into your room until 4PM. However our room was ready for us when we got there. So we got settled into our room and got ready for a fun filled day of swimming. We brought along a friend to help us with watching the girls so we could all enjoy swimming and water slides. This was a great idea and we all had tons of fun.

The indoor water park has 3 small kiddie slides that were perfect for Linda to go down and not get scared, Linda also enjoyed the wave pool, lazy river and the kiddie hot tub. I enjoyed all the slides, lol. But if I had to pick just a few it would be in this order- 1) Niagara Rapids Run(a water slide and roller coaster in one) 2) Canada Vortex (I call it the toilet because it looks like your being flushed down a hole) 3) Wooly Mammoth (a big tube that the whole family can ride, even Linda got on it). Below are a few photos of us at the water park.

After a long fun day at the park we showered, ate dinner and headed down for “story time” (Forest Friends Show), the Tree, Moose, Bear, Bear cubs, Raccoon, Owl, Raven, Wolves all led us in a story and songs. Then an employee (Kelly) came out with Wiley the Wolf and read two Robert Munch Stories to the kids. Linda had a blast and I loved watching her have a blast. Below is a few photos of the Story Time.

The next morning we woke up and ate breakfast in our room, with a mini fridge and microwave in the room you can save money by bringing your own food. At 9AM we could go back for some more swimming. We could have stayed til (PM but by noon we were wiped out and decided to head home. Linda didn’t want to leave and neither did I but since we had to check out of our room by 11AM and we had no where to go for a quick rest we headed home. But not before we took some photos in front of the Big Tree and on the Big Chair.

A few more nice things the Lodge does for their guests is an easy check out, you can call from your room to check out. Also loved the fact they took photos of people on a few of the Water slides and we bought two of them for the memory.

We will be going back again. I would love to make it a family tradition to go every year. It’s soooo much fun!!!! The Staff were great, the easiness of everything there was great, the water park was great and the rooms were big and comfy. AAAAA+++++

Our room: