Lennah Designs Review

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I recently was in contact with Stella from Lennah Designs and she agreed to let me do a review and giveaway. (giveaway will start in a week or so, just need the current one to actually work first 😉 )
I picked the Emma necklace in 32″ with pie pennant. I love the colors; browns, pinks and blues. I got my necklace a few days ago. It’s so pretty, I love the pie pennant on it, it reminds me of the “Time Turner” necklace Hermione wears on Harry Potter, lol. Stella also adds a little touch with a metal heart that says “made with love”, as a tag by the clasp. “The charm is made out of ‘Tibetan Silver’. It’s an alloy of copper, iron, and zinc.” The necklace looks beautiful with some of my favorite shirts.
The necklace is made differently then other “nursing” necklaces. Other ones I’ve seen have a stiffer rope holding it together where as Lennah Designs hang more loosely.

Here’s a little bit about Lennah Designs:
What does Lennah Mean?
“LEN-NAH is how you pronounce necklace in Taiwanese. Both my father and husband were born in Taiwan so I’m all about paying homage to my heritage!”

How did Lennah Designs come about?
Lennah Designs was created during our breastfeeding journey. With the constant pinching and poking, I abandoned all of my jewelry including a special necklace that was given to me by my mother. This, along with lack of sleep and not packing away my maternity clothes led to many frumpy looking and feeling days. I have always loved painting, photography, sewing, designing, and all things crafty so I decided to make a sturdy necklace my daughter could pull on while doubling as an attempt to look civilized and presentable. What I didn’t realize was how something as simple as wearing a necklace lifted my spirits! Not to mention it was a great distraction for my daughter during feedings.”

Lennah Designs also offers a 1 year replacement warranty if your necklace breaks for any reason.

Two things that got me excited about Lennah Designs is the fact they are made in Canada by a Stay-at-home mom and that a portion of the proceeds made selling these necklaces will be donated to SickKids Foundation. Another great positive is her prices, starting at $20(CND) and free shipping in North America!!

Thank you Stella and Lennah Designs for this opportunity.

Again be on the look out for a giveaway coming soon. <3

You can find Lennah Designs online : http://www.lennah.com
or on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/LennahDesigns
or on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LennahDesigns