QT Crafts & Baby Leg Warmers Review

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I was sent a pair of Baby Legs from QT Crafts and it came in the mail today!! I had picked a rainbow pair. I was so very excited to get these as I have seen babies wearing them and thought they looked so cute.
I wasn’t sure if they’d fit my baby at first (thought she was too small for them) but they fit her perfectly. And might I add she looks so cute with them on.

As I was reading the packaging it said “Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces”. I was excited about this, not only do they look cute, will keep baby’s legs warm, they will help keep my baby’s legs from more rug burns.

The price for these warmers are excellent too. Only $7 a pair, which to me is an amazing price for something so cute and functional. Plus a great deal compared to the $12 from Baby Legs.

A bit more on “Baby Legs” www.babylegs.jp:

* Make diaper changes a breeze
* Protect soft knees from harsh surfaces
* Keep legs (and arms) warm year round
* Provide light weight sun protection
* make EC’n & potty training easier
* jazz up any dance class
* makes a fun fashion statement with styles for every occasion!

And here’s a bit more about the store that provided these warmers to me.

QT Crafts is run by a Stay-at-home-mom. She provides Baby Leg Warmers, Footless Tights, Long Johns, Non-skid socks, 3D watches, Mini Soccer Balls….. All at amazing prices.

You can visit her store by clicking here
You can also find QT Crafts on Facebook
And on Twitter http://twitter.com/qtcrafts

Thank you QT Crafts my experience with you was a joy.

* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received a free sample to facilitate my review. This post reflects my personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.