The Things Kids Say

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I am going to start posting the funny/cute/sweet things my daughter Linda says. She just turned 4 in April 2010 so the dates of these past things where from when she was 2/3/4. This entry will be everything I have saved so far and then from now on I will post monthly sayings.
Nov 5, 2009- “I can speak like a whale mommy, ‘heeellllooooo mmmooooommmmyyyyy’, just like on Finding Nemo mommy”

Oct 27, 2009 “it’s a good idea if we use our sleeves as a tissue” ~Linda

Oct 14, 2009 “everyday daddy come home, everyday daddy come home, daddy daddy, daddy daddy, dadadadad, come home please. It’s almost dinner time” A song by Linda

Sept 18, 2009 “why is he still sick?”— “I don’t know sweetie but it makes mommy sad” —“maybe he’ll get better someday here on earth”. Now I’m crying even more. This is ref to our friends’ baby. Oh to have faith like a child.

Sept 4, 2009 “Linda you need to chill”~ Mommy… “but I’m having a freak out!” ~Linda

Sept 3, 2009 Linda is laying down and sits up and says “Hey! Four more days and I’m going to grow!”

Jan 27, 2010- Linda eats a radish and then sniffs the air and says, “hmmmm… I smell a Fraggle”.

Feb 10, 2010- So Linda takes a picture of her dolls that she posed and she then she says, “I have to take that picture over again, you guy weren’t smiling”.

Feb 15, 2010- To quote Linda “This little lime of mine… Hide it under a buckle, no!” AKA “This Little Light of Mine”

Feb 18, 2010- “praise Him, Praise Him, funky little children, God is sod, God is sod”

Right after Maggie is born. “I’ll get her her suzer” Meaning Soother.

March 7, 2010- “Why do I have to be quiet?” asked Linda
“You don’t have to, why do you ask?” said Mommy
“The car keeps saying shhhhhhhh…” Linda’s reply to the sound the car was making driving over water.

March 16, 2010- Linda your pants are on backwards. Linda then starts to twist herself and said, “I’ll twist my body around so they’ll be on right.”

March 17, 2010- “puffy sleeves, I’ve been looking for puffy sleeves.” ~Linda upon pulling out her snow white dress.

April 11, 2010- “Can you do somersaults daddy?” ~Linda—— “No, I’m not in good
shape”~Daddy—- “Not in good shape? But you have a circle head!”~Linda

above photo by Stephanie Canada