Busy Tuesday

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Today was a crazy busy day, leaving me not much time to post any decent blog.

1st- Our landlords came over to fix, the leak in our basement, the fan in our kitchen and the door on the pantry that fell on my head on Sunday.

2nd- My 4 year old had her yearly check up and shots. She is now 44 inches tall and 41 lbs. He asked her a few things and turned to me and said “you have an extra ordinary intelligent girl, knows things above her age and speaks so clearly”. I’m proud of her. And the sweet heart didn’t cry when she got her shot. I asked her if it hurt and she told me it did. AWWW, poor girl, so brave.

3rd- My doctor’s appointment. That was an adventure, right after my daughter’s appointment I had to drive across town to my doctors. I was told the surgeon would meet me there and be able to remove my cyst then. LOL That was wrong. The person I talked to on the phone should have told me to meet the doctor at his office, then my office sent me to the wrong Dr Chan. When I finally found the correct doctor’s office it ended up being across the hall from my daughter’s doctor. So I went full circle. LOL Then he informed me that my cyst was too big and I will have to have surgery in the hospital to remove it.
Good news is I only have to wait 2 weeks. I want to get this over with and not have to worry anymore.

4th- There is an important meeting going on tonight that might change our lives for the better. Just waiting now on “pins & needles” to see how it goes.

So I hope tomorrow isn’t as busy and less stressful. Today wasn’t bad but WAY TOO stressful.

Be on the look out for another review/giveaway from Banana Guard to start in the next few day. I also have a few more reviews to work on.