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I’m a featured blog on D-Listed

A site for mommies to find other awesome blogs to read. I’m excited and honored to be featured today. thank you.

More info on the site:

“D-Listed Mom Blogs was created by a Mom who was tired of worrying about her blog numbers. She tried to find a support site for just Mom Bloggers, but all she could find were sites that made Mom Bloggers compete for votes! While being number one is great, it’s not everything, thus D-Listed Mom Blogs was created.

D-Listed Mom Blogs is a place where Mom Bloggers can come together, without competing for votes. Every mom has a different perspective and we all have blogs as unique as our children are, so why can’t we all support one another? There are no requirements for being a featured blog, besides sending us your badge. All featured blogs are chosen at random, so everyone has a chance to get their e-voice heard!”

Thank you to all who stop by from d-listed

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