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Recently I won a $25 gift card to Kiokko Bebe Couture from their Facebook Page. I sat down with my oldest and we picked out a set of washcloths and a set burp cloths. I was excited to get my order because online their items looked so cute and I couldn’t wait to see what they would be like in person.

I got my order the other day and I was not disappointed, it was even wrapped in tissue paper and sealed with a beautiful sticker. When I first saw them I didn’t want to use them because they were so nice but of course that would be a waste. I took a washcloth and got it all wet and washed my baby’s face. It worked perfectly and the the terry cloth was so soft for her face. I didn’t really need a burp cloth for a burp cloth so I asked my oldest how we should use them. She came up with the idea of using it as a place-mat at her table. PERFECT!! With the terry cloth backing on it, when she spills it absorbs right up instead of going all over the place. My baby had another idea, she loves it as a blankie she can carry while crawling.

The items are handmade in Canada. The quality of them are fantastic too. The stitching is strong and the material used is very nice & high quality. They look professionally made as well, with a tag on them to let you know where they came from and all.

I would totally recommend Kiokko Bebe Couture to everyone. Their products would make a perfect baby shower gift.

A bit more about the company from their site:

About Us

Designed as a source of inspiration for my love of modern and vintage style, KIOKKO strives to offer stylish baby accessories with simple designs at premium quality, resulting in a passionate bond of practicality and perfection. We believe that little ones deserve to begin life in style!!!

KIOKKO’s collection of chic baby accessories are distinguished by its charming prints, bold colours and fresh designs. Each product is meticulously designed with quality in mind without compromising style. We have combined sophisticated designer fabrics and luxurious minky to create posh accessories that are both modern and timeless. Designed with parents in mind, we offer an explicit sense of style and remarkable attention to detail, making each and every one of our luxurious products true must-haves! Born out of a desire to bring style and sophistication to the world of modern parenting, KIOKKO’s accessories makes a statement without saying a word.

:: All of our products are designed and handmade in Canada. ::”
You can find Kiokko Bebe Couture here:

Thank you Kiokko Bebe Couture for hosting your giveaway, I’m so very happy I won.
*I was not paid to do this review. This review is my honest opinion of this product and may differ from your experience.
** Logo photo and company info from Kiokko Bebe Couture