No Mail for 2 Days!?

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Ok, I know this is off topic of the blog but it is sort of related.

We haven’t gotten any mail for two days now. This is very unusual for even normal time. We at least get junk mail, but nothing. Now this isn’t a normal time and I’m expecting at least 9 packages in the next week or so and was hoping some would be here by now. So, I sit and wait… And this is kind of pathetic but I feel kind of sad that there has been no mail, kind of empty.

So with that said, a lot of the packages are review items, so until they come I might not have anything to post about. Well, unless we go shopping again and I find a product I LOVE and can’t wait to tell you about.

Thank you all for reading my blog. I enjoy writing it, it’s a challenge for me. Growing up I hated writing or reading for that matter. I was diagnosed with dyslexia and with a reading comprehension problem, making reading/writing NO fun for me. But I have found blogging has stretched my skills, making me work through my problems.

I look forward to my blog growing and getting better for you all. Much love.