Oh Justin

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So we finally got our 4 year old daughter Justin Bieber’s My World 2.0 CD, it also came with a t-shirt. Our daughter has been “in love” with Justin for a couple of months now, ever since she saw his music videos on the Family Channel. One day she said, “Mommy, I love Justin Bieber, he has fun songs”. She then asked if she could make a video for him to tell him she loves him. I said yes and she was soooooo excited that she was acting so silly. She even drew a picture of Justin, keep in mind she was 3 when she drew it(see photo below). Something cute is things around her remind her of Justin. One time when we were going to pick up daddy from work and we were driving down Weber street she said, “Hey mommy, did you know Weber and Bieber rhyme? Isn’t that awesome?”

For a few months now I’ve been trying so hard to win a personal Meet & Greet with Justin because we would never be able to bring her to a concert or M&G with all the crazy, awesome teen fans. The poor girl would get trampled and then wouldn’t like the idea of Justin anymore. So when we bought the 2.0 CD I thought, maybe this was our chance. But alas it wasn’t, it told us to buy another CD to try again. So sad.

I asked our daughter what she would do and say if she ever met Justin and she said this, “I would give him a big hug and tell him I love him and that I like his music and his dancing. And then I’d show him my Barbies. Mommy, does Justin like Barbies?” I told her I don’t know but I bet he would think your collect was cool. To her, letting someone else see her Barbies is an honor. –Oh the mind of a 4 year old.

So since it seems she’ll never get to meet him, she will have to be happy with her “night shirt” (the t-shirt she got), her CD, her posters, her magazines, and watching his videos on the Family Channel.

Justin if you’re ever in the Waterloo, ON area and want to make a 4 year old’s year feel free to stop by.

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