Weed Hound review

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We recently moved into a house with a yard. I couldn’t be happier, however the people who lived here before us didn’t take care of the yard at all. It’s lumpy, weedy, patchy, has crab grass…

A few weeks ago my husband (Chris) & I were at Zellers and were looking for something to help is with the weeds, eco-friendly of course. And Chris found a $20CND tool called The Weed Hound. And let me tell you, I have fallen in LOVE with it. The first day using it we got rid of two yard waste bags full of dandelions! And each day I go out and pick more and more; and there are now less and less. Our yard is looking so nice now. It still needs a lot of work but with the dandelions gone, “ahhh… so nice”.

The Weed Hound is very easy to use and saves your back from having to bend over. Simple place the tool in the middle of the weed, step on it and pull up. the dandelion comes up with root and all. I’ve even used it on the “prickly” weeds, instead of finding gloves and a shovel to pull them.

If you are wanting to get rid of the weeds I would suggest buying The Weed Hound. It’s easy and fun.

You can learn more about this product at their website: http://www.hound-dog.com/weed_hound.htm
* photo taken from http://www.hound-dog.com/weed_hound.htm website.

** I bought this tool and was not given any monetary compensation for this review. This is my experience with this product and it may differ from yours.