Without My Husband I couldn't do this blog

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Just want to let you all know that without my husband and his web skills I would not be able to run this blog. He does all the HTML for the layout and buttons. He even designed my promotion button.

Last night he worked hard on my blog and added a “Following me on Twitter” link/button, He made a “Become a fan on Facebook” link/button, He added a “subscribe to email” section, AND added a “grab my button” box. Along with all that he rearranged things to make it look cleaner on here.

He also designed my top banner on this page. He can do so much more then this but I’m only asking him to do a little for me, just to make my blog work. He is building websites for clients all day and I hate to make him work more at home, but he kindly, gladly & lovingly does it. I think he knows how much joy I get out of running my blog.

Thank you sweetheart for all your hard work. I love you.