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I am very excited to be part of a new group called: Blogger Connection

What is Bloggers Connection?

Bloggers Connection:
The world of bloggers in continually growing. There are tons of newbie bloggers searching for information and more experienced bloggers who could offer a little advice about what they have learned along the way. I am starting up Bloggers Connection as a way to help bloggers connect with other bloggers, to help grow their blog, ask or answer questions or concern they or others may have, increase traffic, gain new friends, etc. I will be pairing up bloggers in small groups of about four per group. You may get paired up with bloggers who are more or less advanced than you so you can all help each other out. You will be able to communicate via email or in the discussion area and share and exchange ideas on how to improve your blogging experience. Here are a few suggestions on how your group can get started:

*Swap buttons
*Post a blog post and link to a fellow bloggers
*Swap guest post
*Interview each other
*If you have giveaway offer an extra entry for entering each other giveaways
*Start a shared meme
*Follow, subscribe, etc. to each other blogs
*Discuss idea on how to gain followers, etc.

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