The Things That Come in the Mail

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So it’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these posts but since I’m starting to get a “stash” of things I thought I’d share what I’ve been getting in the mail lately. Review/giveaway items, free stuff, stuff I won, stuff I bought at a great price.
(Also I know I’m behind with posting the winner for the Banana Guard giveaway, but the winner has been drawn and has contacted me back, hopefully tonight i can make an official post about it.)

The Things I Got For Free:

-A Craft from Freckles Crafts- you can read a review here
-Teething Bling- you can read a review here
-Bumper Sticker “Kids Shouldn’t Smoke”
-Smile Cards (to hand out and make someone’s day)
-Biore Face Cleanser

The Stuff I Got at a Good Price

-Hat and headbands at a discounted price from Sherrys Shop (zebra headband should be under “stuff I won”) You can read a review here
-Frost Mommy Necklace bought at 50% off- You can read my MN review here
-Beach Bum Mommy Necklace bought at 25% off
-Old Navy Flip Flops bought at $1 each- I wrote a story here

The Stuff I Won

-Snorg T-Shirt I won at The Life of a Sippy Cup Mom!. Review of the shirt coming soon.
-Fairytopia CD won on twitter from ThatEricAlper
-Poppy’s Boutique hair Clips won on FB. You can read my review here (also a discount to you guys)
-Winnie The Pooh DVD won from “Disney and Me” magazine
-Lennah Designs Necklace won from Organic Girl. I wrote a review here
-Icy Pop Treat Cozy won from Sprinkles Blog. I wrote a review on it here
-Baby Legs I won from Twitter babylegs
-“O Siyam” book won on facebook from Wiley Canada Trade Books. A review coming soon.
-Kiokko Bebe Couture won on facebook. Review written here

The Reviews/Giveaways-

-EcoMom Review/Giveaway
-Polished Mama Review/Giveaway
-Reusies Review/Giveaway
Quick Snap– review and giveaway coming SOON!!
-Not pictured $60 CSN Giveaway

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