Father’s Day

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Just want to celebrate two amazing men in my life. My daddy, who i call Pa and my husband who I have been married to for almost 10 years (July 29th)

(my daddy and I when I was 10 in a community play)
My daddy has and will always be my hero. He worked so hard all my life and has shown me how to be an honest worker. My Pa gave my my love for music and musicals. I can sing the whole score of “Jesus Christ Superstar” and we LOVE to sing it together. I’ll never forget our trips to & from Chicago (sorry bro you had to put up with us). I love my Pa’s sense of humor, he can even make me laugh with just the word, “shoelaces”. I love you Pa, you are and always be my superman.

(My family 1 year ago)
My husband, Chris. He is a hard working husband who even when he is tired still finds time to help me out around the house and with the kids. He’s not afraid of housework or changing a diaper(or 2). He loves our kids more then anything and both our daughters are very much “daddy’s girls”. When daddy walks in the door mommy isn’t needed anymore and I’m ok with that. I know our girls will grow up thinking their daddy is superman just like my pa is superman. I truly married a man like my daddy. I always heard that we marry men who remind us of our dads and it’s true.

I LOVE you both so much and proud to be part of your lives. Thank you so much for all you do and have done. HUGS & KISSES