Icy Pop Treat Cozy- review

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I recently won a giveaway at Sprinkles Blog for a Icy Pop Treat Cozy from LunaLou

An Icy Pop Treat Cozy is made of eco-fi felt to put your icy pop in to keep your fingers getting cold. I was very excited for this invention as our oldest ALWAYS complains about her fingers being cold and we always end up wrapping it with a paper towel. It always seemed so wasteful but we did what we had to do. Now with the Cozy my daughter can eat her Icy Pop without wasting paper towel and keeping her fingers warm.

The makers of the Cozy even suggested using it for squeeze yogurts. It’s brilliant.

We picked “Rocket Red” but the Cozy comes in 6 amazing colors. And there is FREE shipping for up to two cozies/order!!! Not only that but if you head over to their site you will find some fun printable downloads for your child. This company truly know kids. Oh and on top of that they sent a punching balloon with our package, my daughter is have so much fun. (not sure if they always send it with a balloon but I thought I’d mention their kindness by doing so)

More from their website:
“Handmade with Eco-fi Felt, our one of a kind Icy Pop Treat Cozy will keep little hands warm while pushing up on their favorite treats. The felt stays dry and wicks moisture, while looking
super cool!
Re-usable too!
Eco-fi felt is made out of
recycled plastic bottles which is rad!”

Thank you Sprinkles & LunaLou for allowing me to win this.

You can find LunaLou:
* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received this as a prize from a giveaway and I wrote this on my own accord. This post reflects my personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. Product information courtesy of the sponsor. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.