Mommy is Proud of You

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“Mommy is proud of you”, is what I told my daughter a million times today. My 4 year old had her first dance recital and went on stage and tried her hardest to do her moves. She is in Beginner Jazz and danced to the song, “Mickey’s Got The Beat”. She even was brave enough to go on stage for the final bow at the end. None of the rest of her class went up but she did.

She has been in class at “Let’s Dance” since January. When she first started she didn’t want to dance in class, even had a melt down when mommy sat in to watch. So when this performance came up I didn’t know what to expect.

Anyone who lives in the Kitchener/Waterloo area who has a child who would like to dance I would recommend Let’s Dance Studios. They are wonderful and we look forward to classes this Fall.