On the Road

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I’ll explain that photo in a bit. If you were wondering where I have been, I’m visiting my family who I haven’t seen in 2 years. I totally forgot to get up a Favorite Food Friday, so I’ll just say I love Jerry’s Pizza in my parent’s home town. For the follow Fridays I WILL be getting back to everyone who visited, sorry I haven’t yet, it was a 24 hour trip here. I’m thankful for a good fre4ind of ours staying at our house to watch over our fish, mail, and plants, thank you Sam.

So about that photo, as we were pulling up to a gas station in Michigan we were soooo glad to know how much coffee was going to costs us, LOL. I am still laughing over that sign.

I won’t be on here much this week and I hope ya’ll can understand why. I will try to get up at least one or two posts this week. Also July 3rd is your last day to enter a few of my giveaways. Thank you all for entering.

Below is a few photos of us on the road.