SodaPop Tour with Emily Osment

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I recently won a contest at Vervegirl for 2 tickets and 2 fanfest(meet & greet) tickets to the SodaPop Tour featuring Emily Osment. I was stoked about this because I wanted to win for Lee Lee, she idolizes Emily and Hannah Montana, well I wouldn’t say idolize but totally LOVES them.

Before I tell you about the night I wanted to tell you about what the tour was for. They are raising money for children through Unicef. Love this cause.

When we first got there they put us into two lines, 1) people who have purchased tickets or need to pick them up at the box office and 2) people who have won tickets. Being that I won tickets you would think I would go in the winners line, right? WRONG! I waited in the wrong line and was told to go to the ticket booth, once I got there they told me my name wasn’t on the list and that I must be in the wrong line. I was getting a bit upset but I knew it had to work out. Finally after showing them the winning email and info I was given tickets. I asked them about my FanFest tickets and they told me to go wait in another line. LOL, so disorganized. But FINALLY everthing worked out.

We were given seats in the middle of row “T” so we were sort of far back. We tried moving closer though and it was too loud for my daughter.

The first act out was WOW. These boys were awesome, I never heard of them before but I loved their performance and Lee Lee loved them too. The second act and our host for the evening was Alyssa Reid. She has a beautiful voice but I think it was hard for her to follow an energetic performance to do hers. It almost bored me but I think if she was the first act it would have been better. Third to perform was Jesse Labelle. Lee Lee LOVED him, she was a dancing fool when he was singing, unfortunately he had to leave before the Meet & Greet and we didn’t get a chance to meet him. Next to come out was the act I was looking forward to, Danny Fernandes. I love his songs and his dancing and dancers. it was so entertaining and had even me screaming my head off. The next act was The New Cities. I do love their music but it was way too loud at the concert, even Lee Lee was covering her ears. Although they were loud they were so interactive with the crowd and kept up the energy through out. And then… drum roll please…. Emily Osment came out. Lee Lee couldn’t stop screaming and jumping and dancing. I was pleasantly surprised, I loved her performance.She has defiantly be able to get rid of the “Lily” persona she had on Hannah Montana. She worked the crowd and has a beautiful voice.

The concert was 4 hours long!! With the crowd being mainly little children, we all though this was ridiculously too long. And after that we had to wait in line to meet everyone. Or so we thought. We got up to Emily and she smiled at Lee Lee and signed her card and said some kind words to her. While there the security guards were pushing people through, FAST. The other act at the table was The New Cities, but where was everyone else? “You will see surprises as you go out the door”. As we walked down the hall to the door we ran into Alyssa Reid and got her autograph. Then just before we got out the door we saw the guys from WOW and get their autographs and took a photo with them. But where was Danny? I want to meet Danny. We got outside and his two back-up dancers where there but no Danny, bummer. But the dancers were nice and fun to hang with for awhile. We also met Tyler who Danny introduced as a new, up & coming star during the concert.

over all even though lots of things didn’t go as planned we had a fun time. And Lee Lee had a blast and was so happy, which made me happy.

Thank you SodaPop and Vervegirl.

Below are photos from our night. It was pretty dark in there so some of my photos are screen captures from videos I took.

Waiting in line for the concert:

WOW performing

Danny performing:

Waiting and excited for the next act, Emily:

Emily performing:

My dancing Queen:

Emily talking to Lee Lee:

The New Cities:

Alyssa Reid:

Danny’s Dancers: