Spending a Day with an Amazing Friend (and an award)

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Yesterday I had a friend who I had met only one time for only about 2 minutes back in 2004 come for a visit. We met at a Canadian Idol tv recording but really met online first on Mikey Bustos‘ message board.

Truly for the past couple years of talking online and getting to know each other I would say she is a good friend. It’s amazing how much you can come to “love” someone so much without even meeting them. For a while now we’ve been wanting to get together and well, yesterday was the day.

Kimmie took the bus to my town and we picked her up. I was so excited and nervous at the same time. “Would she like me? Will my girls behave? Will I like her? Will She have a fun time?”

The second we met all my worries went away. It felt like we always hang out, long time friends. My girls LOVED her, “Moo” would crawl to Kimmie and ask to be picked up then crawl away and immediately crawl back and want to picked up again. “Lee Lee” loved to climb up on Kimmie’s lap and then tickle her.

Kimmie is such a sweet heart too. We made a trip to Walmart and she bought “Moo” an outfit she can wear for her first birthday and “Lee Lee” a Justin CD. At mealtime she would feed “Moo”, “Moo” just loved that. Usually she screams during her meals but with Kimmie feeding her she was so happy.

We talked and talked and talked. I think I talked more in one day then I have in a week before. LOL. We just had so much to talk about and so much in common.

I think the worst part of Kimmie coming to visit was when she had to leave. “Lee lee” even cried on the way home. I hope we will get together again very soon.

Love you Kimmie and thank you for coming for a visit.

I also want to thank you Linsanity for giving my a blog award. I posted giving her this award a few days ago and it’s so sweet to get it back.