Welcome to my new Home

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Hello all to my new wordpress blog. Please bare with me as I get use to all the new stuff that comes with this. My husband has worked many hours tonight to get my blog all switched over. Hopefully tomorrow he will have time to design my page and make it all pretty like my old one. But at least all the function is there.

I have decided to leave the giveaways like they are. PLEASE CHECK TO MAKE SURE YOUR COMMENTS ARE THERE!! Some comments were deleted by blogger and I was unable to get them back, I am so very sorry(hence the reason for the move). The only two giveaway effected by deleted comments are the following:


Please check them and let all your friends know to check and make sure their posts are there.

Please be patient as we have to still work out the kinks and make this blog as nice as the old one. I hope you all will stick with me. And if any of you change your blog to wordpress please let me know so I can update my links.

Speaking of links, We will be making those pages at the side to look better too, we just need time. Hopefully by this weekend everything will be 100%.

A HUGE thank you to my hubby for ALL his hard work to make this happen.