10th Anniversary

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We met August 1999 at Moody Bible Institute going to band camp. (Yes we are band camp nerdy lovers, lol). I instantly knew I would marry you. I loved how funny you were, polite, helpful, hard working. Coming back from band camp I told my roommate that I had met the man of my dreams and I am going to marry him.
We became good friends and hung out a lot. On November 20, 1999 we went to Michigan Ave. for the annual lighting of the lights. After the light lighting there were fireworks down by the river. It was a cold out and we had to walk to the river. You put your arm around my waist. I got goose bumps, my head said “he likes me, really really likes me.” If we had to separate because of too many people you’d come right back and place your arm around me. Once we were at the river I took your hand.

Now for a side note for everyone, Chris and I argue often on who made the first move. Chris says he put his arm around me to keep me warm, LOL. He says I made the first move by taking his hand. Who ever made the first move it doesn’t matter we fell in love and the story continues.

That US-Thanksgiving I took you home to meet my family. My parents fell in love with you. Christmas break came and I went home to meet your family. Then winter band tour came and while visiting a museum we were looking at miniature houses and we started talking about our dream home TOGETHER. My heart fluttered, (I AM going to marry this man).

February 2000 we visited my family again during reading break. We had so much fun and I knew we’d be together forever. Beginning of March you took me to my favorite park in Chicago. There were a TON of kids there and all I could keep thinking is I wish they’d go away so we could be alone. Just then it started raining and everyone left. You got on to one knee and pulled out a ring and you asked me if I’d marry you. I said “of course”. And we kissed.

July 29, 2000, our wedding day. The minute I walked down the isle I started to cry with joy and had to ask my dad for a tissue. I think he needed one more then me. Chris, you look soooo handsome, your smile was beaming. You sang me a song, we lit candles to show our union with God, your dad shared the love of Jesus and sang a song himself. Hank Ledbetter married us. I’ll never forget before we were married and had to go to marriage counseling. He gave you the third degree, but he was only looking out for me. As you know Hank was like another dad to me. But once he knew where your heart was and that you grew up with a Christian family he knew I was in good hands. I loved when Hank brought up his wife Linda in our wedding. You know how much she meant to me and to know she could be part of it even though she was already with our Lord made our wedding so special. When Hank asked me if I took you to be my husband I said “Oh, yeah.” Everyone laughed, but I meant it with all my heart. Another funny story about our wedding is just before Hank said our last name I knew he didn’t know how to pronounce it. But no matter what name he said, we were married.

Our honeymoon wasn’t my dream honeymoon, but I was happy to be with you. And I know someday we’ll actually get a real honeymoon. Maybe our 30th or 50th?

Through out the years, we’ve had many ups and downs but I can always know we will love each other. We now have two beautiful girls who I wouldn’t trade for anything in the world.

Chris, I look forward to many many many more years with you. When we are celebrating our 50th I hope our love is stronger then ever. Thank you for being an amazing guy. Oh and you’re totally HOT!!!!
A few weeks after we got engaged and on band tour.

Proof we are band nerd. in our uniforms:

Wedding day and reception hall:

Our Family LOVE: