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I recently won a giveaway at Thrifty Canucks blog for a shirt from I didn’t have a choice in shirt but did get to give them my size.

I love that they specialize in trendy plus size clothing at a good price. It’s always hard to find cute larger size clothing at an affordable price.

This is the white shirt I received and it was perfect for my “All Class Reunion” back in my home town. I felt beautiful and it kept me cool. The photo is my daughter and I standing by the water fountain in my old school I use to drink at when I was 5.

I love the layers of the shirt and the fit. I also love how cool I felt in it as it was a very HOT day. The two things I didn’t like was it was white and attracted a lot of dirt, totally not a shirt color for mommies. I also didn’t like how wrinkled it got after washing, it will require ironing, another non-mommy friendly problem. But those problems set aside I LOVE my shirt. I look forward to wearing it again and again.

You can find Alight at the following:

Thank you to both and Thrifty Canucks for this giveaway.
* Disclaimer / Disclosure: I received this as a prize from a giveaway and I wrote this on my own accord. This post reflects my personal opinion and experience with the product which may differ from yours. No monetary compensation was provided for this post.