Evita and a night to remember- Review

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Recently my husband and I celebrated our 10th Anniversary. A week before our anniversary I came down into the kitchen to make breakfast for the girls and sitting on my chair was an envelope with the number “10” written on it. It was a clue to some event my hubby had planned for me. On the back of the clue was a part of a picture, a puzzle piece. For the next 7 mornings I received 7 clues and on the 7th day I got the last 3 clues through out the day. Although our anniversary is on July 29th and I thought all the clues were for that day, I was wrong. I was surprised when I was told it was all happening a day early.

Below is the list of clues:
10- “10 years ago, one week from today, I married you on a beautiful sunny day. Over the next week, 10 messages you will received, with clues, hints and notes about something special that will be hard to believe”.
9- “more notes to figure out what Avon has to do with Rice and Webber”
8- “8pm is when it will begin and #8 is where you will put your end”
7- “In a town where William is king, Andrew will be the name you sing”
6- “The big event will combine Latin, rock, jazz and politics. Tony would love it!”
5- “5 will lead, but more will follow, the cast of which are definitely not plaster of hollow”
4- “A special night we will have this evening, Dinner then driving then a show on a proscenium stage.”

For clue #3 I found it in my laptop with a note saying “open up at noon”.

3- “At 4pm a friend will arrive, giving you time to clean up, get dressed and drive.”

At 3:30 our very good friend, Holly, showed up. At 4pm I received a text message from my hubby telling me to look in the front hall closest for clue #2.

2- “Clean up and get all pretty I’ll meet you at 5 and we will go for a drive.”

I took a shower, did my hair, put on make-up and found the nicest clothes I had. It was so nice to be able to clean up and look “pretty” for once.

I picked hubby up at work and he drove us to Red Lobster. (We’ve been saving all our change in a jar for the past 7 years to be able to go). The meal was yummy, our server was amazing and the “kid free” conversation was great!

After dinner we went back to the van where I found clue #1.

1- “I won’t drive too fast, but we will still each get a ticket. Check under your seat and check it in at the wicket”

I pulled the tickets out and saw that we were seeing Evita in Stratford, ON. (I had already figured this out by the clues but it was so exciting to see the actual tickets)

We got there early so we stopped at the gift shop where my husband bought me a cute Tinkerbell necklace. We then entered the Theatre. WOW! The place was so beautiful. I couldn’t wait for the show to start.
The second the orchestra hit their first note I had goose bumps and began to cry. I was amazed, so happy, excited and overwhelmed with so many amazing feelings.
The set was simple yet so perfect. One set but we were able to go to different scenes/places in a flash. The orchestra played at the perfect level not drowning out the singing, which I’ve experienced in other productions.

Now onto the cast. Each member whether with a big role or just part of the chorus had microphones (around their ear). The sound man must of has fun mixing it all, he did a great job.
The role of Eva Paron was played but the swing (understudy), Lindsay Croxall, due to the main actress being ill. In fact I found out later that a good majority of the cast was under the weather, but they still preformed very very well.
Lindsay Croxall started of shaky with her singing but by the end of the show she was killing it! Maybe the reason she was “off” at the beginning was that she was sick too or because she was the swing or a bit of both, who knows. But she did get better and I enjoyed her performance.
The highlight of the night was Che who acted as the singing narrator, played by Josh Young. Josh did an amazing job portraying Che. He had these perfect little quirks and little inflections in his voice that got me laughing and kept me watching. No matter what was going on the stage I couldn’t help but want to watch what Che was going to do/say next. I’ve seen Evita the movie several times before and I never laughed harder at this character as I did watching this production. I look forward to seeing Josh Young in more productions.
I couldn’t finish writing this review without acknowledge the costume and make up crew. The outfits and costume changes were amazing. Each cast member had MANY changes back and forth and all seemed to go smoothly. My favourite make-up and costume changes were for Che. The show opened with Che, long scruffy hair, facial hair and a jacket. While on stage he takes off his jacket, pulls off his wig and facial hair and BAM he looks like a young Che. Through out the performance he would leave the stage looking one way and come back with a bit longer hair and a bit more facial hair until he was back to how he looked at the beginning of the show.

If it wasn’t for the cost of going to see the show I would LOVE to see Evita again. In fact I could watch it over and over again and not be tired of watching it.

After the show we drove to a Tim Hortons. Now I’m only writing about this because as my close friends know I’m addicted to Ice Caps and my hubby and I joked that this was the highlight of my night. LOL But seriously, the ice cap was by far NOT the highlight of my night. Spending time with my hubby was the biggest highlight.

I brought our camera along with me, but we were so caught up in the moment and having so much fun that we forgot to take any pictures. But that is ok, I know I’ll never forget this night.

Thank you sweetheart for an amazing night and for an amazing 10 years. LOVE YOU!