Handmade Flowers

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My daughter recently got her Sparkle World Magazine and one part of it had a craft idea to make flower necklaces and rings. I took that idea and changed it up a bit. I took the look for the flowers but made them into hair clips, each flower has three of each. Two clips for Lee Lee’s hair and the other one to clip to a handmade necklace.

At first I thought this would be easy and I’d get it down in one night but I ran into a few issues. First the glue I was using didn’t stick the way it said on the bottle and the second issue was me trying to cut out the felt. I ended up figuring out the glue problem on my own but I called my husband in to help cut out the felt. I think over all these turned out great and Lee Lee LOVES them.

Photo of the magazine page:

Photos of the flowers with the front and backs:

Lee Lee with her necklace and hair-clip: