“Living Beyond Postpartum Depression” Book Review

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I am very excited to share this book by Jerusha Clark called “Living Beyond Postpartum Depression”. I had major PPD with my first child and I would have loved to have this book back then. It’s written by a women who has “been there, done that” when it comes to PPD. Jerusha is very open and honest with her struggles, the first chapter had me crying and wanting to read more.

This book made me feel normal with my feels and also gave me much encouragement to get through it. With a focus on Spirituality and the Bible it shows us how to lean on others and reach out when in need. I would recommend this book to any women who is thinking about being pregnant, is pregnant or already has children. I think it helps through all walks of life and types of depression. I would also recommend having your loved ones read this book to know how to help you through your depression.

A warning though, Jerusha is VERY OPEN with all her struggles and is tough to the heart to read. If you are in a fragile state I would recommend not reading this until you know you can handle the details and open struggles of someone else.

This is a review of the book from a friend of mine:
This book is about a pastor’s wife who tells her story of living with postpartum depression. She talks about her experience with it, her husbands view point while she was going through it and how she got the help she needed. She also talks about how people who are going through PPD right now or people who have loved ones who are going through it can get help that they need. She goes indepth about the treatments out there for PPD and she also goes in depth of the different kinds and servarity of PPD.
This book is a book that you will not want to put down, I myself cried during the first chapter because it really hit home. It has made me aware of what I need to watch for myself as I struggle with PPD. It was also very helpful for my husband as he has watched my struggle with PPD. It was nice to know that I’m not a lone and that as a Christian women that I am not being punished by God, but that I am actually going through a chemical imbalance and that it has been happening to people since Bible times. This book is amazing.
I would recommend this book to people who are suffering from PPD, and to husbands, mothers,fathers, sister, brothers, and friends of some who is going through PPD to broaden there understanding of PPD and what it does to a person. I would also recommend this book to everyone who is in a leadership role within a church, for they too need to understand about PPD.
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